duminică, 4 decembrie 2011

Victor Vance & Marty

So I put my hands on Vice City Stories for PS2 and Rigged this two fella` .I`m not saying is the last of it. I think I will download all Vic`s clothes and other characters

vineri, 2 decembrie 2011

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock from Fast Five !

No it`s not your imagination ,is really Dwayne from the movie Fast Five .. I used Base5 model from RAW and the rest is google pictures that helped me achieved this skin :D. Hope you like it ...stai tuned Vin Diesel is coming...


joi, 1 decembrie 2011

Wolverine With Jacket & Old Bike

So anyone remembers X-men :) I found these models on Xnlara and rigged them to Vice City ..hope u like it .I put a lot of work on that bike and still I don`t like how it`s done.. hmm maybe the poligons are f*cked up .Anyway Enjoy!